Attendance Policy:

Unattended Classes:

  • Like other school/educational programs, we cannot refund tuition or give credit for any classes missed during a session, even if the absences have been frequent. Additionally, the nature behind the Music Together® Program, is for the class experience to extend into the child's life outside of class by means of parent education and supporting materials (such as song recordings, song books, and the Family Music Zone). These items are all included with tuition, so as such the cost of tuition is never "wasted" even if you miss a class.

This being said, we know that sometimes things come up or you or your child may come down with an illness, so we allow unlimited make-up classes each session. Make-ups must occur within the session they are issued; make-ups are not transferable to another session (i.e. a missed class during the Winter Session cannot be made up during the Spring Session).

Cancellations During the Session:

  • Teacher Absence: In the case of a class being canceled due to teacher illness or absence, if a substitute is unable to teach in their place, the session will be extended by an extra week to make up the class time. You will be notified in the event of a cancellation.

  • Weather: We generally follow the School Districts and their cancellation policies, but we will contact you to let you know if class has been officially canceled or not. In the event of a District Late Start, cancellation will depend on what time the class normally meets (e.g. a late afternoon class will most likely still meet if there is a late start). In any case, MTBH will notify everyone regarding whether or not they will meet for class, and when a make-up class will occur.​

Switching Classes:

Switching Classes:

  • If you need to switch classes for any reason, I will be more than happy to accommodate you granting there is room in the class you wish to switch to and that you leaving your current class will not cause enrollment to be too low to run the class.


Registration Policy:

  • You may cancel your registration for a full refund within two business days after registering, up until ten days before the start of the semester; after this time no refunds will be given with the exception of extraneous circumstances which will be considered on an individual basis. Circumstances that are not eligible for a refund (after the refund period) are changes in nap time, conflict with another activity, schedule changes, starting preschool, etc. When requesting a refund, we'd appreciate it if you could provide a general reason for your request (such as saying, family/medical emergency, we're moving, etc.), to help speed up the process of us determining your eligibility for a refund.

Registering for Sessions:

  • Families currently in a Music Together class are granted preference priority while registering for the next session (this includes changing session times).

  • No registration is considered complete until payment has been received for the semester.

  • Registration for class is open throughout the semester, although we do not prorate classes. You can attend another class time to make up any classes you may have missed.

  • Learn more about Class Tuition here.

Siblings and Nanny Share:

  • Siblings 9 months and under, at the time of registration, are free with a registered sibling. If you are bringing a child who is not a sibling, you must register that child separately and pay the full tuition regardless of their age. 

The same applies if you are nannying for children from two separate families; each child must be registered individually and must pay the full tuition. If the nanny has a child of their own, the same policy applies; the child must be registered individually and pay the full tuition, even if the child is under 9 months of age.

Classroom Etiquette:

Overall Etiquette:

  • Please do not bring food or toys into the classroom. Bringing food in the room could pose as a potential hazard to those with certain food allergies. Bringing toys in the room can serve as a distraction, and can take away from the music making activities. 

  • Please try to arrive in as timely of a manner as possible, so you and your child have time to settle in, and participate in the "Hello Song".

  • Let your child participate in the way he/she feels comfortable, so long as they remain safe. Participation greatly varies between each student; there are no "wrong answers"

Health Policy:


  • If you or your child is showing any signs of illness, please do not come to class (even if they are being treated with antibiotics). If any adult or child appears to have an illness, they will be asked to leave the class and return when they are feeling well.

  • If your child has a fever, please keep them at home until it has been at least 24-hours since they had a fever without the assistance of fever reducer medicines. Your child is the most contagious when they are feverish.

  • If your child appeared healthy in class but starts showing symptoms within 24 hours, please let me know so I can let the other parents know that their child may have been exposed to illness. Hopefully this will help curb the spread of illness.


  • If you or your child has allergies, and as a result has cold like symptoms (e.g. runny nose, puffy/watery eyes, etc.), you are more than welcome to still attend class. I just ask that you let me know (so I know they aren't ill), and that you use tissues as needed.

To prevent the spread of germs, please wash you and your child's hands before and after class. If you are not sure if you or your child is contagious or not, it is always best to be on the side of caution and stay at home.

Have further questions? Check out our FAQs page!


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